Welcome to my Wardian Cases website www.wardiancases.net. There are any number of sites to be found  about the history of Wardian Cases and or how to plant them but few people actually make them. I do.  Each is a one off never to be repeated. There was a time some 30 years ago when I used to make Wardian Cases simply for a  bit of pocket money. In recent years I now find myself making them again, this time largely on a commission basis. 

I should say at the outset that making these cases is remarkably  time consuming. Every piece of glass has to be cut and fitted by hand. There are no shortcuts to be had that I know of that will lead to anything like a high quality piece. As each piece is unique it means, I am afraid,  that the prices are quite high.


It takes several days to make the simplest of these cases and once the cost of lead and glass have been factored in, the final price for anything you see on this site  will be several hundred pounds. On the plus side, few people make these cases so you would  possess something that is a talking point and unique. 

To the right  is a selection of some of the many pieces  I have made. You will find these same pictures on many other sites but please be advised and assured,  each of these cases was made by myself. The oldest ones will now be at least 30 years old -  if any of them still exist that is.

My style is influenced in large part by Victorian structures and buildings with a few  very obvious diversions. For many of the pieces, the glass (especially the coloured glass) has come from architectural scrapyards.  Such glass tends  not to be very bright, as the technology for bright colours did not exist in Victorian times.

Within the site there is a short history of the Wardian Case, there is a section on how they are made and then, a series of pages where a sample of the various cases I have made is presented in slide shows.


Each of the cases you see to the right are displayed in more detail on the following pages. Clicking on any image should present you with a larger image of the piece. 

The menu is at the bottom of the page.  Thanks for taking the time to  visit...... Email: martindelittle@virginmedia.com

Martin de Little



2015 . All the wardian cases you see here were designed and made by Martin de Little. Photography  with  (the exception of  the Geodesic dome examples)  website design and construction by

Martin de Little