TV and Film Commissions

Film and TV

Here are 3x TV and Film commissions.


The large structure with 3 finials is the biggest of the 3x commissions. The commissioning set dresser  wanted  two very different designs. From some "back of the envelope" sketches I produced two pieces for her and they were very well received.. 

The finished pieces were crated up and I delivered them to the studios. They were not and are not planted up because, they were to appear as items for sale in the "Paradise Department Store".

The 3x finial piece took 5 days to make. It has two opening doors which not only facilitate planting but are also a feature of the piece.

The large octagonal case  was right at the limits of what can be achieved with copper foil meaning; size and weight in relation to the seams was really pushing it. At over 600 mm high it was possible to put  5 litre watering can inside it.

A screen print  from the TV series  is included  where you see the manager of the store and his assistant passing the octagonal cases, mounted high and in the background. 

For filming  purposes, the "Jane Eyre" case was located in the library of the house. As the governess played with the little girl, the camera panned across it for all of 5 or 6 seconds  - with the case never to be seen again !!

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2015 . All the wardian cases you see here were designed and made by Martin de Little. Photography  with  (the exception of  the Geodesic dome examples)  website design and construction by

Martin de Little