Victorian 2

Victorian Polygonal

Victorian Polygonal  

Here are several variations on the polygonal theme. These examples are all octagonal but there are some hexagonal examples that I made years ago  out there somewhere.


There is always a single hinged door with a catch. The door can be lifted off its hinges for  those times when the case is being cleaned out and or being replanted. The roof is usually decorated  and there may or may not be some decoration just below the "eaves". There is usually a brass finial on the top.

Such pieces generally have a small footprint which is ideal for tucking into the corner of window ledges, and by virtue of being high they can accommodate fairly tall plants like adiantum (Maidenhair fern).

The Type 8 (seen  in these pictures  in the snow) is generally bigger than any of the others and  a  little bit  more sophisticated. The bright copper effect is new and will quickly oxidise  to make the case appear  very old.


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2015 . All the wardian cases you see here were designed and made by Martin de Little. Photography  with  (the exception of  the Geodesic dome examples)  website design and construction by

Martin de Little